Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pulp - Do you remember the first time? annotation

Annotated conventions.

This song by Pulp is conventional to its genre of 80's alternate rock. You would usually expected to see an appearance of the lead singer in the video, lip syncing along to the lyrics. The artists performance is also key in terms of attracting the audience. The locations usually change throughout with a range of different camera movements which are cut to the beat. This video also contains a narrative which is more of a concept in relation to the lyricism.

In this first sequence it becomes apparent there is a sexual orientation within the piece. The leader singer is seen to be amongst a mise-en-scene of rich red colours and lying on a bed. He is also where a costume which is a cliché of 80's fasion, a silk purple shirt and blazer.This suggests they were targeting a young female audience who would be more inclined to finding the lead singer of a sexual interest, leading them to gain an attachment to the band. This is also supported by the performance of the main singer. What now would seem creepy, in the 80's his leering movements, tone and hand gestures would seem attractive and would attract the audience of the time into supporting, and attaching themselves to the video. 


Another asset within the piece which is why i have annotated it, was the unconventional use of camera-work. This exciting use of a crane allows the camera to orbit between the artist lip syncing and the contextual reference to the lyricism within the piece. This Dynamic-ism of the camera is the conventional make-up of Music video's of this time. Filmographers were breaking bounds in the way they used cameras and the innovative originality allows the sequence to conventionally jump between artist and concept. By cutting to the beat. Well, allowing each revelation of camera movement to match the guitar riff in the chorus it connotates a small world in which the target audience are living in. It creates an intimacy between the artist and audience as the concept in the piece is Pulps target audiences lives. And also flows and looks freaking epic.