Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Final Animatic

Final Animatic from George Dennehy on Vimeo.

Test shots

Test Shots. from Jacob Sedgwick on Vimeo.

We discovered alot from carrying out these test shots;
  1. Lighting - The lighting wasn't sufficient. We need a lighting rig that lights the subject to the standard of High-Key lighting. We are researching 3 point lighting rigs and are confident we can acquire 2 soft box's and a small filler light. We also want Dynamic-lighting so we need to look at how we can achieve a strobing effect with a small halogen light.
  2. Choreography - We discovered more thought needed to go into our dance moves and what the artist will actually be doing on screen.
  3. Costume - We have come to the decision that the artist needs to present a house style through what she is wearing. It needs to be familiar across all the shots and the demographic of our audience needs to be related to.
  4. Camera movement - We have decided the camera will move accordingly to the movement of our artist. This means changing shot types to hand gestures and movement on the artists movement.

Shooting schedule