Monday, 11 November 2013

1. White studio

As part of the production we had to set up a white studio. This was to be set up over three days of shooting. We started with a thin 2 metre wide backdrop that had a curve and created the infinite white backdrop as the subject had to stand on the sheet. 
 I then put together the dolly making sure it was able to track forwards and back. The tripod was then added on top of the dolly.

The 3 point lighting was then set up however we ran into some difficulty due to there not being the appropriate equipment. It led us to use the soft box, to light the left of the subject, various low wattage lights to light the right and a reflector (at times) to peel the subject off the backdrop.
** After doing this initial shoot we have discovered that we need more lighting, if we were able to successfully light the subject the quality of footage will increase dramatically.

After the first day of filming we decided we needed a larger canvas for the backdrop. The next day we got a white sheet to put up as the backdrop, we iron it and stapled it to make up the back of the frame.

This gave us a lot more area to work with and we were able to get much longer shots, seeing more of the subject in the frame.

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