Thursday, 8 May 2014

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Conventions from real media texts

In order to make a successful music video we had to study conventions from real media texts, incorporate and take inspiration from what makes up our genres industry.

Real media texts

This is a conventional Artist advertisement. The artist is usually seen directly addressing the audience with some sort of vacant stare. This present the artist as the producer, its a professional but basic way to present yourself. There is a logo at the left side of the advertisement this will appear in all relating material to the artist and is a good way to present a professional image as well a maintaining a house-style throughout. Links to all appropriate material relating to the artist are below the logo, this allows the audience to easily go away and find out about the artist. 

 Our Advertisement

 Initially you can see their is a detachment from artist and audience. We have challenged what you would usually expect to see in an album advertisement the artist directly addressing the audience, this creates a sense of iconicity. The overall clean color pallet of greys and whites provokes feeling of precious metal as it almost seems like the artist is made from silver. The font is professional and sharp, I ensured it stayed black against the white background as it stands out to the audience with relevance to what they would expect something "futuristic" would look like, basically just minimal in content and color. We have included reviews in our advertisement, this portrays the fact that she is a trusted artist and people like her work. All the social media link are positioned at the bottom, this is appropriate as it again makes the advertisement more professional and links to the artist herself. Overall, i believe we hit our genre of deep house music on the head, and the artist photograph combined with the finish product presents exclusivity and luxury, two assets that would sell this product within our genre on the real market.

Music Video 

Conventions of a House music video 

  1. Artist performance throughout: lip synch, choreographed dancing and acting 
  2. Cut to beat: Using components of the music to cut to, beat and snare 
  3. Dynamic lighting and camera movement
  4. Location shots: a concept through performance in location
  5. Editing: Montage edit  
 Here is a good example of the choreographed dancing included in our piece. The artist is seen carrying out a dance routine in a dark room with little lighting, this is very engaging and stimulating and i works well in conjunction to the other shots.This is conventional to our genre as you would expect to see some sort of dance sequence in a house music video.
 Here is an example of the artist lip synch in our piece. These shots contain the artist in different costume, a thing that worked well here is the camera movement and montage edit, i helped create a dynamic feel and was conventional to the house music genre.
The artist did a great job of performing in our piece. The idea we wanted to portray is a "free-spirit" within the artist, she did a good job of creating this idea in terms of her performance. The energy this added to the piece can be related to the house music genre.

 I made our piece conventional in terms of cutting elements of our main song "reverse skydiving". If you consider in the first image above I have cut to the beat and in the next shot below i would have cut to the beat. So after i had cut to the beat of the drum in the track and there is also a snare after the beat that i could cut to but, i chose to enlarge the shot type on that snare.

 The effect give the piece great dynamics. Their seems to be a constant flow of energy throughout even when their are not any cuts. This is a development on the conventions you would expect from a real media project; post production teams would cut to the beat but, this type of development would have to be from someone who has control of the project. 

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