Thursday, 8 May 2014

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Ancillary tasks in combination with whole product:
After receiving feedback on our ancillary tasks we discovered people were confused with the composition of the whole product, all the products did not feel like they could coexist. We then decided to change what colours were in the ancillary tasks.
We chose to do this in order to have a multitude of different products that all adhere to the style sheet and house style of the other products.

 The main anomaly within the convergence of all our media product was the first magazine advertisement we made. It didn't match our final product in terms of color, it was too dark and the image we chose was a screen capture from our music video.
After receiving this feedback we decided we wanted to create something that would successfully attract the demographic of our audience whilst combining new elements and maintaining a convergence/house style of all products.


We constructed a questionnaire asking people what they thought of both the music video and auxiliary tasks.
We got back some useful information regarding our final product. All the responses strengthens the theme of the lead artist being a free-spirit. All the responses said the artist appeared to be "free at heart" and that the artist represents and attracts our demographic of audience.
The colours are a good example of how we may of attracted the right demographic of audience, apparently the reds and then the mix of colours in CD cover and advertisement present ideas of the artist being young and free-spirited.

When asked questions like what was your favourite part of the music video. Many people liked the way in which it cut to the beat; they liked the dynamic pace it created and the fact it was cutting to the beat. One of the improvements many people said could of been made was that more of the narrative was needed.

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