Tuesday, 24 September 2013

1. Initial Idea's

We all were initially aware of the genre we had chosen which was house. We didn’t come to an agreement on what song we were going to choose but, we did after going over the finalised choices of song. We decided Rae would be our artist and we talked about the locations we had in mind, some of which a studio with a white back drop, a party type scenario, train station and a tall building. We thought about prop and costume suggesting that the artist should wear various different outfits all confiding to the image we are trying to portray, and the used of red lipstick as well as a hifi-system with halogen light bulbs, technic decks and a fixed gear bicycle. I think communicating by expressing anything that we thought improved development of ideas, this way we each was able to develop thoughts with help of others. We chose house music because it had not been done by anyone before and it’s a malleable genre.  

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