Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rock: Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

Elements of the mise-en-scene personify Alex Turner as a rockstar. The colours in the pub are dark blacks and reds, with the composition of the shot very dark. His performance presents him as being under the influence of drugs and alcohol which is apparent to be a theme through the title. I believe Alex Turner has been portrayed in this way due to the demographic of the target audience he is trying to attract. I believe he is trying to attract a young audience from 18-25. Other elements of themes suggest this with it being a rock song with R&B influences, sex, mentally subjective characters and a love interest.

A good element of the editing in this music video is the super imposed text messages. It creates good viewing pleasure because you feel more connected with the Artist it’s like you’ve delved into his life. This is again targeting a younger demographic of audience who are connected with each other and social.

The song is also cut to the beat – in a way. I believe the success of this music video is due to the adaptation of the original song. After Alex Turner is seen to zone out through alcohol the slappin’ bass brings him back round in a euphoric correction of the song, and the character frame of mind. This substitution of the song with a light buzzing sound allows the audience empathetically relate to the main character as you are in his head. This is a creative way of connecting the audience with the main character. 

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