Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rock: Good Shoe's - Morden Analysis

 Editing is cut to the beat; presenting the audience with close-ups of band members, instruments being played, feet tapping, etc. This tight frame is a good way to reveal the mise-en-scene as they are showing elements without exposing the location to soon. They were also able to alternate between shots quickly, cutting to the beat; this creates a dynamic montage edit of small elements of the artists. This is conventional to an indie rock music video because you often find the editing being cut to the beat to make the video flow correctly with the song.
 The audience is then presented with wide- longs of the location. These cutaways contain subject matter relating to the lyricism and are relevant to the music video.

 The artists costume is everyday clothing; which is no surprise as the video is of a lower budget however, this is still conventional to its indie rock genre. This may be something to consider when choosing our genre, indie rock does not involve a glamorous mise-en-scene in comparison to a pop video.

 It’s conventionally an indie rock song through and through. Religiously cutting to the beat, with close ups to show lip-synch and mid-shots to show performance. This simplistic way of creating a video puts aside a narrative within the video, instead they show what they are sing about through the other shots that make up the video. This is a stylistic to the time it was created, the progression of media and means artists have more opportunity to get more out of there videos. However, this is a type of music video that won’t be lost. It’s the bare bones of a music video the artist’s performance is a great way to show what the band is about instead of having a naff short film on strong naff subject matter with a soundtrack, I suppose.

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