Sunday, 8 September 2013

7. Low Budget Idea's.

 An element of this video that seems to stick out in terms of maintaining a budget is the use of repetition of shots. In our project it must be done carefully as you run the risk of marks being dropped if does not look like a shot has been repeated for effect. However, you can end up sticking to a budget and achieving a good level of repetition which matches the song and pleases the audience when more shots are released. I believe this particular video has achieved a good level of repetition; it provokes feelings of nostalgia and the shots aren't held for too long causing the audience to lose interest.

Another element of this particular video that I found a great low budget idea was the stock video used. The stock video of powerful imagery really pulls on the emotional heart strings of the audience; from natural disasters, white television noise to chemical reactions that are layered over the top of most of the shots. Despite these shots not necessarily being from indirect source, I believe it would be a good Idea to keep in mind if it’s too expensive to directly source the shot.

This is another example of a low budget music video. Set up like a Model photography shoot there is a white canvas behind to woman. This is a basic shot to set up and the Mise-en-scene, specifically the clothes of the woman would be the only cost, and that probably was provided by the girls themselves. The interesting thing about this video is the use of layering. Like the last video it gives it a third dimension, makes it interesting without spending money on location.

The theme of water, pools and class is predominant throughout without even going to said locations. This is a great idea to keep in mind because you don’t necessarily have to go to a location in order to get a certain feel to a video, you can achieve it through composition, layering or even costume and tightly frame shots.

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